Buddy Hollywood

Buddy Hollywood
Buddy Hollywood, 25, Las Vegas, NV 25 year old bad ass, born and raised in Las Vegas. People say I’m cocky. No fool, I’m confident! I’m the complete package; tall, handsome, and a gentleman. I got the nickname “Baby Arm’ when I was 17. Girth, length, and stamina are just some of my key qualities. I’ll choke, bite, pull your hair, and might even bust out the rope and handcuffs. Aspiring videographer, internet sensation, and the next Quentin Tarantino. Car fanatic and motor sports enthusiast. (Not talking about Nascar Ricky Bobby) You count your tattoos? Thats cute…”I enjoy a girl with a big fat butt…., wiggle. wiggle..” Also checkout my Youtube series “Building an Empire” where I document my journey as a contestant on the show.
Name Buddy Hollywood
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Gender Male
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