A deranged serial killer known as "Clownface" terrorises the residents of a small town.

The Axiom

At the risk of her group's safety, a young woman travels into a National Forest where her sister has become trapped in a multi-dimensional world of monsters.


An anti-religious, nightmare ridden psychiatrist becomes obsessed with the possibility that his fear of the Christmas season may be supernaturally substantiated.


In the cold darkness of a winter's night a Sleeper Train winds its way from Cornwall to London. It's Christmas 1954. A group of Soldiers are returning from a training exercise when the train suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere - a mutilated Bull carcass blocking the line. With their assistance the Bull has been moved out of the way and the train allowed to continue . . . but it continues without its guard - the first victim of something lurking in the shadows . . . and he wont be the last.


13-year-old Dinah Jones is bullied at school and abused at home by her mother, a tyrannical religious zealot. But she's not like other girls, and, with the help of a new friend, this cruel, calculating child is about to take a deadly revenge

Condition Dead

Luther Judge and his team of specialists are the government's response whenever the dead rise from the grave. But a new assignment finds them contending with a mysterious and lethal zombie menace... and Judge's ex-wife.

The Necrotic 1978

The psychopathic M.D. murders his unfaithful wife and meddling sister, then goes on to further vengeance with his female patients, injecting them with lethal doses of Curare.


A man recalls a gruesome series of events as he attempts to separate his memories from delusions.

Dead Bride

After her father’s death, Alyson, her partner Richard and their baby return to her childhood home. Following a few shocking supernatural events, Alyson discovers that she and her family have been living with a terrible curse, unleashed in the past by a bride killed by Alyson’s grandfather. Soon after Alyson’s child disappears and she has no choice but to embark on a frightening journey into the underworld, to free herself from the bride’s curse and to look for her daughter.


BLOODLOSS is the story of a reporter who infiltrates a secret society of people who worship the vampire myths.


Does this thing work? Never pick up the phone.

Black Site

80's inspired John Carpenteresque Action. A young woman is forced to push past her worst fears and battle to deport an ancient entity back to where it came from. Set inside an underground military base known as The Artemis Black Site, the movie mixes an Escape From New York style survival story with Lovecraftian elements and large scale mythology building.