Ghost Of Mae Nak

Ghost Of Mae Nak 1978

Remake of the 1960 ghost film of the same name. This was remade yet again two years later.

The Possessed Grandmother

The Possessed Grandmother 1987

A vengeance-seeking spirit possesses the elderly Rusmini. When she catches a man trying to rape her grand daughter, the “Nenek Lampir” (possessed granny) kills the rapist by sucking blood from his neck. A journalist investigates the case as more bodies pile up.

The Dwarves of Demrel

The Dwarves of Demrel

In this steampunk fantasy adventure, a collapse imprisons three dwarven miners who must now work collectively to combat starvation, despair, and a mysterious creature.



Carla believes her missing daughter is attempting to make contact through mysterious means, her husband Brian pushed aside, Carla is on a path of discovery, but may be one that is best left alone.

Crocodile Man 2

Crocodile Man 2 1974

Chompa Toung (Khmer: ចំប៉ាថោង, Golden champak), also known in English as Crocodile Man 2, is a 1969 fantasy Cambodian horror film. It is the sequel to the 1967 film Crocodile Man. It is loosely based on one of the Royal Poems written by Khmer King Ang Duong (1796–1860). Plot: Chompa Tong, a daughter of a king received two pets which one was a kitten and another was a crocodile's egg but she dropped the egg into the water where it grew into a powerful crocodile who could turn into a man and killed many women for food and fun. One day, Chompa Tong, was kidnapped and a young prince called Jak Jan, swam into the water to save her. Can Jak Jan save the princess from the terrible crocodile?

Crocodile Man

Crocodile Man 1972

Crocodile Man (also known as Kraithong Krapeu Chalawon in Thai or A Water Warrior and a Crocodile Man but preferably "Kropeu Charavan" with an "R" rather than an "L" in Khmer) is a widely acclaimed Cambodian horror film released in 1972 by Hui Keung. It starred famous Khmer actress Dy Saveth. It was released in Thailand and Hong Kong along with another 1972 Khmer film, The Snake King's Wife, which brought back a successful grossing. It has become one of the more enduring creations from the nation's pre-communist era and copies are still sold today with English and Chinese subtitles.

Room 511

Room 511

When two men go on a road trip and stay at a room known for wild parties, they encounter two beautiful women and find everything is not what it seems. Every attempt to leave seems stalled and they find the day may never end.

Snake Sisters

Snake Sisters 1984

Three human females born of snake eggs on a secluded island are integrated into a nearby village but are soon showing their true colors. Filled with gore and nudity, this also features numerous animals (including birds and a monkey) being killed.

Why Blood is the Color of the Night

Why Blood is the Color of the Night 1974

The poster promises visions of Satan's altar, an underground black mass, blood rituals of the undead, the birth of Satan's messiah, a dead village of the damned, the assassination of the Prince of Darkness and a zombie attack. Why isn't this available for viewing again?

Widow Ghost 5

Widow Ghost 5 1994

After being attacked by a rapist and getting stabbed before killing her attacker, a young woman is accused of being a ghost.

Ghost Hospital

Ghost Hospital

A horror comedy about a young doctor taking a new post, only to learn that the patients who passed away there may not have left after all. This place frequented by ghosts, as if they were just like living people, is Ghost Hospital.



A solitary man becomes convinced that someone hacked into all of his devices and that they're being used to manipulate and control him.