The Fall

The Fall

A depressed and isolated mind is similar to the sense of floating in the water. Underwater as a man’s mindscape and the real occurrences at the beach are portrayed


Stone 1975

Independent, stop motion animation by Aihara Nobuhiro, combining drawings and real landscapes.

Waybuloo - Hi-Hi Cheebies

Waybuloo - Hi-Hi Cheebies

Welcome to the world of Nara; a land of happiness, laughter and friendship that’s home to the Piplings. There are lots of important lessons to be learnt when the Piplings play a game of Tricky Kicky, and when Yojojo tries to get his mangoes to ripen and his songbird to start singing again! Plus, the Cheebies help the Piplings in their attempts to share equally and Yojojo gets the hiccups! Come and join the fun and togetherness of the Piplings and Cheebies – because everything in Waybuloo is better together!


Metamorphosis 1974

“Schwartz’ METAMORPHOSIS is a complex study of evolving lines, planes, and circles, all moving at different speeds, and resulting in subtle color changes. The only computer-generated work on the program, it transcends what many of us have come to expect of such film with its subtle variations and significant use of color.” – Catherine Egan


Galaxies 1974

Computer-simulated disk galaxies that are superimposed and twirl through space in beautiful colors at different speeds.

Newtonian I

Newtonian I 1978

An illusion of 3 dimensions is achieved by a blending of mathematics and physics to carry the spectator through a new range of audio and visual dynamics.

Four Quadrant Exercise

Four Quadrant Exercise 1975

Intended to be an "animation machine," Four Quadrant Exercise finds Jarnow adapting a perspective system, enabling him to render complex motions almost automatically. Created prior to the streamlined ease of computer software, this short is a commitment to the joy of making marks on paper.

Cosmic Letter

Cosmic Letter 1979

A companion piece to Cosmic Letter, also produced for 3-2-1 Contact. Jarnow begins at his address in Brooklyn and zooms outward to the farthest reaches of the universe.

The Immune System: Your Magic Doctor

The Immune System: Your Magic Doctor

Learn about the body's most important line of defense- the immune system. This film reviews the immune system's various components, showing how they defend the body against invading bacteria and viruses, and also explains what happens when the immune system is not functioning properly. Important factors contributing to the maintenance of a healthy immune system are also discussed. Animation shows how the body stays well, fights disease and heals injuries. Sometimes antibiotics or immunization are needed. Also explains AIDS.